If you are searching for real estate in Brevard County, FL, then you probably already realize the value of owning property in a location that is among the best the US has to offer. What makes Melbourne, Florida and the surrounding area such an appealing place to live? Read on to learn more about this gem in Florida.
Bay Front Property and Atlantic Views


Who doesn’t love an Ocean-view? That’s just one of the charms of Brevard County. Whether you live on the Atlantic itself or decide you prefer the view of the Bay in Bayside Lakes – Palm Bay, FL, you are sure to feel like you have just moved into paradise! Melbourne, Florida and Palm Bay, Florida real estate are a valuable investment financially. But think of it as also investing in your peace of mind to live in such a serene local.

A Great Location for Golf Lovers

Brevard County is home to some 24 gold courses, some public and some private. The epitome of these courses is the Majors Golf Course in Palm Bay, Florida. This is a semi-private course that weaves its way through natural lakes and preserved wetlands. It is the perfect spot to tee-off for those living in the Bayside Lakes area.

A Booming Economy Drives Sale of Real Estate in Brevard County, FL

When it comes to the economy, Brevard County ranks among the highest in Florida for many important categories. For example, it is a great place to start up your own small business. It has one of the highest total employment figures in the state. It has one of the best growth rates in the labor force. Taxable sales are also among the highest in the state.

There are several major employers in the country including Kennedy Space Center, the Brevard County School System, Health First, and Patrick Air Force Base. There are also many tech companies and defense contractors based in the area.
Palm Bay, Florida Real Estate Lands You in a Shoppers Paradise

It’s not just the scenery that you will fall in love with if you like to shop. With two large indoor malls and a major outdoor shopping center, Brevard County gives you plenty of opportunities to find exactly what you want. Each city has its own downtown area loaded with high-quality restaurants, boutiques, and antique shops.

Find Out For Yourself Why Brevard County Is One of the Top Places to Live in the US!

Whether you come here to retire, golf, surf, shop, start up a new business, or get a job with one of the many local employers, you are sure to be glad that you decided to buy real estate in Brevard County, FL.